Thursday, June 7, 2012

This year, I'm gonna have fun.

I have several blogs I'd like to do -- My Workplace, My Perfect Sunday, My Extended NYC Life, What I've Been Eating -- but I don't seem to have the proper pictures to complete any of them.  Take yesterday -- I stopped for a couple of hours at one of my favorite cafes to write over a slice of cheesecake and cup of chai but forgot (again) to take a picture on my way home.  So why don't we just catch up over some pics I do have.

January 2012
This was the first (and only major) snowstorm after Halloween.  It left snow on the walls.  The WALLS.
For a friend, we visited the Lady Gaga Workshop at ... a fancy store ....  I forget where it was -- wait, it was at Barney's NY, I think.  Anyway, Carlos and I went, and it was a bit wacky.

February 2012

Central Park.
These Mad Men posters were all over the subways.  This was my favorite imposed art.

A rooster in a community garden on 117th Street. 

It's hard to tell, but the street is blocked off by no less than ten police vehicles that came screaming out of nowhere like something from Law and Order.  Each car comes with at least two cops plus there were beat officers so the scene hosted a minimum of thirty cops.  I stopped to watch for a few minutes but couldn't see anything specific or juicy so I kept walking home.  At the next block, I turned around to see what was still going on, and every car was gone like nothing had ever happened.  Creeeeeeeepy.
At the end of the month, I got to visit California.  My favorite flowers were in bloom, and there was sunshine abound.

March 2012
March ushered in the heyday of a time-sapping, magical app called Scramble With Friends.  It is basically Boggle in an app!  After much cajoling (ie, "YOU HAVE TO GET THIS AND PLAY EPIC GAMES WITH ME!"), Carlos downloaded the game, and the battle was on.  

For anyone who doesn't know, Carlos and I are fierce competitors in the realm of online wordgames.  Two summers ago, we started a  Words With Friends tournament and agreed to play the best of three -- it became a three week saga and lasted twenty-one games.  I shall not tell you who won (because it wasn't me, grrrrrrr).

Back to Scramble With Friends.  It's a game that takes some time to master, but once we did -- I'll let the results speak for themselves.

Three rounds, dozens of words each, and it was a tie?!  How does that even happen!
By one point!  Again, how does that happen?!
The first game he won.  I took a picture to celebrate.

A crew filmed a zombie apocalypse commercial outside my store one day.  Everything happens in New York first.

More subway art.

April 2012

April is Starbucks Global Month of Service.  As part of several park cleanups in New York City, over 100 Brooklyn partners gathered for a cleanup at Columbus Park, where we painted weathered railings, planted new trees, and cleared fallen branches.

Amanda (ASM) and Omar (DM).  Everyone looks ten pounds heavier than they are because it was freezing (literally) that day, and layers are key.
Brooklyn partners waiting to start the day.
One of my partners, Sasha, and me.
Don't you love this logo?  Delicious hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop on the Lower East Side.
Pretty day in Brooklyn.

May 2012
A plaque outside an apartment building on the Upper East Side.  I had to pause for a moment.
Lincoln Center, all pretty and lit at night.
A view from the Highline, a tracks-to-parkway walk on the West Side.
My brother graduated from law school (congrats, Trav!) in North Carolina, and my whole family got to be there!
(He's the one waving.)
We celebrated Mother's Day too, with delicious gelato and cupcakes from the famous Sugarland Bakery.

That's been my year so far.  How's yours?